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DOCUdavit Solutions has been authorized by your physician to receive and store, as their designee, and on their behalf, their patients’ medical records. This includes but is not limited to charts, laboratory tests and/or specimen results and reports, mental health records, drug and/or alcohol abuse records, HIV test results. It may also include any other material whatsoever concerning or related to your examinations, diagnosis or treatment. In addition, your doctor has authorized DOCUdavit to provide and/or transfer copies of the Medical Records when requested by you, the patient.

You have selected to receive your records on-line in searchable PDF format. Records can be viewable by virtually any computer or device. As well, records may be downloaded, saved to your device, copied to USB Drive/CD/DVD or printed.

If you have any questions regarding the copying or access to your medical records, please contact DOCUdavit Solutions, and we will be pleased to assist you. Please note that we cannot address or answer any questions related to medical treatment or medical content of your records.

Please look for future developments on this site which will give you the ability to manage your health and track your health information.

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